No we cannot accept your third party vision insurance online but you can visit a nearby TSO office where the doctor and staff are available to help you.  Find the nearest TSO here.

Yes we accept your HAS account credit or debit card.

Visit any local TSO office and they will adjust your eyeglasses so they fit perfectly. There is no charge for your personal fitting.

Just return your eyeglasses and we’ll refund your entire purchase price.

Properly fit multi-focal lens recognize how your pupils see out of the eyeglass frames. The best fit requires the frame dimension, how the frames rest on the bridge of your nose, and where your pupils view thru the lens. Sure any fit might do. However, wearing your eyeglasses 12 hours day you want the proper fit for multi-focal lens. Visit your local Texas State Optical office for the best fitting multifocal lens.

Please return the eyeglasses with the prepaid FedEx shipping label included with every order.

Texas State Optical
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